Will Prince Vega’s Internet Hollywood Radio Co-Host Brittany Elizabeth Appear At The Internet Hollywood Party?

Rumors – So much news has been circulating through Internet Hollywood that it’s hard for some readers to keep up. This time of year is clearly one of the busiest for Americans. Dozens of beautiful people are taking much needed time off of work to relax on planned vacations after months of working. Whatever the case may be, the warm weather has really got all of us going. Which makes me wonder about this sensation.


Upcoming Massachusetts model Brittany Elizabeth has been really busy while handling her duties as a mom that works hard for her beautiful children. The silence only means she is handling important things and we must be patient and wait until things are taken career of to return. However, after recent conversations I discovered there is a strong possibility that Brittany Elizabeth will appear at the Internet Hollywood party on April 22nd. The model seemed really excited about the event when we discussed it then proceeded to make plans to attend.


Elizabeth was recently recruited added to Prince Vega’s Internet Hollywood radio panel earlier this year. When the streaming system is fully set up for two hosts Elizabeth will be making guest star appearances on the show.


The first Internet Hollywood party will be held at The Raven Club in Worcester, Massachusetts at 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. on April 22nd.  Tickets will no longer be on sale after April 21st. (Click Here To Get Your Ticket)

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