#WINNING: Model Jazmin Luna To Debut On Internet Hollywood ‘Top Ten’ Billboard Charts Next!

jazmin edit newProjectXPlatinum blossoming sweetheart Jazmin Luna has a lot to add onto the excitement building on the strength of her Internet Hollywood magazine cover debut. The headlining celebrity is predicted to make her official debut on the ‘Top Ten’ billboard charts for Internet Hollywood models. All of Jazmin’s latest accomplishments in Internet Hollywood is most likely the reason Jazmin Luna will make a huge impact on the charts in December. Other key models dominating our universe are Isabel Vinson, Viola Verity, Kiti Gunn, Tygeria, Jessy Erinn, Clau Rivarelli & More. Jazmin is the first model from ProjectXPlatinum that will debut on the cover of Internet Hollywood’s Magazine. The first issue will be digitally released to the public and printed for everyone that wants a physical copy. Our Jazmin was one of the hottest topics being discussed on Internet Hollywood Radio last week following the breaking news that circulated about her upcoming magazine appearance. The decision on Jazmin becoming the cover girl of Internet Hollywood was made after the model won the majority of the private thirteen member committee vote days before the news was made public. If Jazmin continues to gain coverage through our headlines it will only be a matter of time before she’s #1 on our billboard charts. We look forward to keeping the world updated on all of Jazmin’s latest news!

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