#WINNING: Wayne Gordon’s Smart Decision To Release ‘Afraid Of The Dark’ In Game Of Rap Series

wayne gordon editRapper Wayne Gordon should be preparing to crack open the cap of a champagne bottle after reading this article. The ‘Game Of Rap’ series participant is expected to perform more than well against Internet Hollywood’s second biggest male headliner Snacks Giggaty. The decision to follow his gut instincts when deciding to submit the song “Afraid Of The Dark” may have very well earned him his first win in the ‘Game Of Rap’ preseason. The incredible feed back following the the amazing piece of art painted by Wayne and Aymber when making the track suggests that it’s power is only the beginning to something special. The song was so powerful even Internet Hollywood’s founder Prince Vega said he was in love with it. Wayne’s journey inside our eyes is a positive sign through the screen of a computer when scrolling through Internet Hollywood. He continues to make his mark by playing his part as a non-controversial artist and that has helped him gain a huge amount of credibility in a short amount of time. The votes are currently under way and the first results should be posted starting tomorrow afternoon! Wayne Gordon is currently the 7th biggest male headliner in Internet Hollywood and that will soon change at the end of next month!

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