WOAH: Internet Hollywood Model Cindy Shows Off Her Voluptuous Buns In New Gym Selfie

cindy gymPrince Vega – Model Cindy will be receiving a lot of attention on Internet Hollywood Radio after showing off her booming curves in a recent selfie photo in a gym locker room. The gorgeous down to earth sweetheart uploaded the image on her Facebook page, “Lol #gympics,” her caption says.


cindy 2Cindy is a three time headlining celebrity that has made a huge impact on Internet Hollywood in a very short amount of time. She was offered an invitation to join Prince Vega’s new Internet Hollywood party-promo team that will include over 30 models in the Connecticut area. Previous reports state that “The creation of our party team will be used to help raise awareness to the presence of Internet Hollywood outside of the Internet.” Cindy has a personality that will blossom into the hearts of anyone that is lucky enough to meet face to face with her.


Future nomination predictions will be revealed in the Spring starting March 20th, and Cindy will be one of the many names mentioned in our celebrity lineup. She is one out of a very few models that has been offered a position in Internet Hollywood outside of the Internet. The model almost instantly keyed in on her opportunity as soon as it was presented and that will certainly benefit her in the long run.


It’s not hard to tell by this article that Cindy is simply becoming a favorite in Internet Hollywood. Our second floor private committee is already predicting that the model will make front page news around 20 times by the spring of next year. After only two months as a Internet Hollywood celebrity she has manage to become a leading story on Internet Hollywood on December 26th.


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Cindy – Do What U Want (Cover)


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