WOAH: Rap artist Big Mach Announces Joint EP with G.O.L.D titled ‘MERGE’

Mayhem MusiKk – Rap artist Big Mach is cooking up something big for the summer and underground music lovers will be the first to get it. The rapper pretty much revealed on a status on Saturday that him and G.O.L.D will be releasing a joint EP together. I recently found out about it while I was browsing through one of my accounts in search for more news. It didn’t take long before I discovered the status and immediately started writing about it.


There is no telling if the EP will consist of new or old songs. All we are aware of at the moment is that one will be released with both of them on it. He also released some pretty epic artwork with both of them on it. This thing is really about to happen!

Big Mach status:

#TheMergeEP BigMach x @goldworld860 why Not Give Y’all All The Records We Cooked Together ???????? —”

Mach and G.O.L.D has been putting in work on the under music scene for a long time. They are very experienced performers with two different lyrical sounds that will make one helluva EP. I look forward to hearing it.


This isn’t the first time we published stories about the two artists. Big Mach has received 8 publications in Internet Hollywood and GOLD received three. We will keep you updated as more news following the ep unfold.



G.O.L.D – InstagramFacebook

Big Mach – InstagramFacebook

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