WOAH: Upcoming Model MiMi Just Released A Photo That Has Everyone’s Jaw Dropping

MARIA MARIAPrince Vega – One of Internet Hollywood’s newest celebrities is definitely getting the attention she deserves after a new photo emerged of the upcoming model MiMi showing off her voluptuous booty inside of a black thong. The photo appears to be a rough cut from a photo shoot inside of a creepy looking bandit room that neither of us would probably go in after mid-night (lol). Maria has been keeping the world of social media informed with some of her latest projects. When she published the photo she included a caption that reads “Coming To You in December. THAT’S A Wrap ????.”

I’d assume the idea of this shoot is something to consider for a much more mature audience. Maria is conscious enough to know what moves to consider whenever she feels the need to capture the public’s attention. She has been considering modeling for years and is now taking the steps to expand her career on a much more greater platform. She recently posted a stunning new photo on Instagram from a shoot with BeyondXSelfish that shows the model doing what she does best ~ execute.

Mimi has been showing her support to the Internet Hollywood brand since its very existence. It’s always warming to hear the gorgeous model share her views on trending topics that has people from all over our universe talking. She has also been accepted into Internet Hollywood’s new promo/party team that is expected to go into full effect as the winter approaches.

Maria is slowly building her name as one of our newest recruited superstars. She has made front page news in Internet Hollywood four times since her debut back in May. She will also be a headlining topic on Internet Hollywood radio on November 17th! Another rough cut picture from the photo shoot is posted below! We have no idea who the photographer is at this time. All we know at the moment is Mimi referred to him as “LO”.

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