“Word To My Momma” Pure Pro Went Hard, Releases First Music Video From “All Pro Everything” Mixtape


Prince VegaPure Pro is back with a new music video to kickoff the visual birth of their new ‘All Pro Everything‘ mix-tape, The song which features Bagz, Baker, Thump and Truth is a street anthem that has been in the works for months when the video was in production by GTV.


The hype behind this video came with loads of status updates by members who actively promoted on their networking sites and a few published articles which bring their total front page stories on Internet Hollywood to five.


Before the release of the video, the group released the song two months earlier along with another one titled “Ape Talk” on Thump’s Soundcloud page. It is unlcear at this time if “Ape Talk” will be the second music video to their new mix-tape.


A couple members of the group recently had a meeting with Prince Vega in their home state of Connecticut to discuss music-related matters. Many are still unaware that most members of Pure Pro are actually blood relatives of Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega.


We are unaware of any set release date for Pure Pro’s “All Pro Everything” mix-tape but we will keep you informed as we find out more information in the future. Click the video link below to check out Pure Pro’s new music video!


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