WOW: Model Danica Eliseus lights up in an underwater photo shoot with photographer Jorge E. Gonzalez of F-Stop Photo Studio

Photo Shoots – F-Stop Studio has taken photography to new heights in their new photo shoot with model Danica Eliseus. I recently discovered that Jorge E. Gonzalez, founder of F-Stop Studio, took his creative work under water with Eliseus and executed each photo with well calculated shots that brought out the best in this wonderful moment. I just had to write about it.


At first I couldn’t tell if the photo had Connecticut model Danica Eliseus in it. But shortly after analyzing I noticed Eliseus super cool hair style that always stood out to me in the past. Gonzalez later told confirmed that it was the model and sent me more amazing pictures. He also filled me in on the science behind why she appears to look a little different, saying:


“The density of the water only changes the anatomy of the body. It also changes the color cast. Some fabrics will look a different color underwater due to color fades away starting at just 1 foot.”


I honestly have to say this one of my favorite photo shoots this year. Gonzalez did an amazing job bringing his imagination to a physical masterpiece and Dani Eliseus really proved that she could take on any kind of shooting if given the opportunity.


F-Stop Studio also informed that he has a work shop that photographers could do underwater photo shoots in. He also said they have underwater cameras that photographers could use for an additional fee. You could get in contact with them by clicking one of the links below.



F-Stop Photo Studio LLC: Instagram – Website

Dani Eliseus:  Instagram

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