WOW: Vermont model Isabel Vinson has been published in Internet Hollywood 48 times!

Buzz Tracker – Isabel Vinson’s three-year history in Internet Hollywood has made her the leader in front page stories with 48 publications in total. The Vermont model was the first model to get published in Internet Hollywood and is one of the biggest reasons Internet Hollywood is covering news stories on models now. Prince Vega’s followers was made aware of Isabel Vinson’s recruitment in a statement that was released in her first article in April 2014.


“Woman shouldn’t have to feel like they’re not pretty, skinny or tall enough to become models,” he stated. “This is our chance to develop and establish successful careers independently without long-term “con” tracts that snakes them into high-commission percentages or pressuring models into submitting to false agencies that demands they sign over unnecessary rights. I chose to recruit Isabel because she’s incredibly wise, talented and educated enough on the modeling end to expand models (such as herself) to a farther audience. I’m just getting a grip to the whole modeling stuff but I don’t find it complicated at all. We are just going to do it the way we want to, that’s the beauty of being independent.”  – Prince Vega (2014)

Since then the model has dominated Internet Hollywood’s front page with repeatedly for years. She founded her own management group, organized festivals, did runway shows, photo shoots and even organized shoots for women and photographers that wanted to build their portfolio. She was also a radio host at 107.7 FM radio.


One thing that also stood about Vinson is her bravery. She has defended models from scam artists for years and has gave a hand to those in need of help with starting off their career. She is a role model to many and has been one of the most talked about and respected models in Internet Hollywood. She was also named one of the most “powerful and respected” models in Internet Hollywood in November 2014.


Click Here to could  her whole three-year history in Internet Hollywood!


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