Yanira’s recent accomplishments will make her a hot topic on Internet Hollywood Radio this month!

IH Radio – Independent Connecticut model Yanira three recent accomplishments will make her front in center of a lot of news that will be sweeping the Internet Hollywood universe for the remaining of the month. She offered a spot in the Internet Hollywood Magazine, was placed as the host to Internet Hollywood’s first part of the year, and was named a Internet Hollywood Chief Operations Officer all around the same time. The news came while the independent model was making appearances for photo shoots, clubs, and video shoots. She is also one of the people that’s being considered for a guest appearance on Internet Hollywood Radio in September. So when the latest news begin to come out on everything people is doing along with everything she has going on in Internet Hollywood it will create a wave of content and information related to the model that will be discussed on the radio show for weeks. The Internet Hollywood Radio show date will be revealed soon!




Yanira: Instagram

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