Yomo Perez of StyledByYomo discuss the success of her Holiday Hair & Makeup Show, attracting the attention of a newspaper, networking with students at Empire Beauty School and more!

Beyond The Lens – Beautiful Massachusetts stylist Yomo Perez of StyledByYomo is putting us on game about her recent Holiday Hair & Makeup Show with that caught the attention of a newspaper. The event occurred in November of last year, at Joan’s Hair Design in Lynn, Massachusetts, and it also included many students that attend the Empire Beauty School.


Perez gave me all the information I needed to piece together what the experience was like at the event. In a conversation, she stated, “It was a beautiful way to display holiday looks & network for our ladies that day.” She also explained how they wanted to display looks for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the new years. She also told me it was a way to bring together the community in an all family event with food, music, networking and a lot of photographers. She also hosted the event with Joan, owner of Joan’s Hair Design.


I really enjoyed doing this interview with Yomo Perez. I hope that you all enjoy reading it!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Yomo Perez*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Congratulations on your recent success Yomo! It’s overwhelming to hear about the massive networking event you put together with Joan that connected dozens of talented people. The success of the event even attracted a newspaper. How are you feeling about that!?


Perez: Thank you so much, Justin! I am very pleased with how the Holiday Hair show went & am very happy with the outcome! I feel honored about being interviewed for the newspaper and being able to share the moment with amazing individuals and fellow classmates from my Empire beauty school.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for inviting me into the chat with all the people that attended. I followed every single one of them and will make plans to congratulate them as well on their recent success. What is the behind the scenes story to putting this show together? How did it come about?


Perez: Currently being a student in the Empire Beauty School located in Malden really inspired me and gave me the motivation to become a better hairstylist and continue expanding what I do when it comes to photoshoots. I also wanted to collaborate with some of the amazing students I attend school with. I thought this was the perfect way to have a networking event and bring everyone together from students, photographers, and models I been working with.


Hairstylist Emdira working on model Ednita for her Thanksgiving Cocktail look.

Internet Hollywood: This show included a wide variety of creative people. I’m talking makeup artists, stylist (including yourself), models, hairstylist and more. Was it hard for you to get the word out and bring everyone together or was it easy for you since you have done it before?


Perez: Honestly this was a very easy event! I had so much help and pre-planned everything, from who was doing whose makeup and hair, to what the models were wearing. I appreciate so much the people that support me and find my ways of directing and styling worth collaborating with.



Internet Hollywood: Planning the type of events you do sounds like it’s very time to consume. How much of your time did it consume and were there any worries during the planning process?


Perez: Very much time goes into getting these events put together! As long as you take an hour or two a day you can get a lot done without over stressing yourself. It’s also important to jot down everything that comes to mind, saves so much time later on.


Internet Hollywood: You sent me so many great pictures that shows a lot of the amazing talent that was in attendance that night. What kind of message did you want to send that everyone would remember when the night was over?


Perez: beauty comes in all sizes, shapes, and color! Also, that confidence is key.


Internet Hollywood: Who were some of the people that were in attendance?


Perez: We had so many I can’t make them all! But we did have models like Katrina Jackson, Tracy Federschneider & Ednita Tavarez, we also had Lauren Pray from the Matty in the morning show Kiss 108. Also, I had Makeup artist such as Monique Bazile from Sephora and Amillie Star from MLR artists. Some of the other makeup artist and hair stylists such as Maggie Rivera, Emdira, and Jayne from EmandJaydesigns and my self-included n accompanied by Vanessa Benoit and Zayla Frais are from Empire beauty school. We have some independent stylist such as Carmen Rivera from His and hers in Saugus, and Jacquelyn de Souza from beauty by Jackie.

Photographer: Wilvrens From Rising Stars

Internet Hollywood: At any point did you think or feel the event was going to go as well as you planned?


Perez: it’s very hard very hard to get something to go as planned, what you can hope is that everything overall leaves an amazing, positive impact on everyone.


Internet Hollywood: Now that you successfully completed a big goal in your career what is your next move?


Perez: I have a few goals I would like to achieve for 2018 … I was blessed enough to achieve one right before 2017 ended which was to be published in an international magazine. With that, I would love to be published some more! I would also love to be able to gain a fan base outside of Massachusetts. Finish school and continue educating myself on my dream career. Build my website with all my services. Start looking into possibly in 2020 opening a store from for YomosVision.


****Shout Out Question~~~~


Internet Hollywood: Is there anyone you would like to shout out or pay respects to?


Perez: Would love to shout out every photographer that came that night and captured all the amazing looks ! ALSO the owner of the beautiful location Joan thank you for providing your home for me and these beautiful souls that joined us! Also to internet Hollywood for always checking in on me



Styled By Yomo: Instagram – Facebook

First featured image (Andrew Powers/photographer)


Photographers: Michael Rose, Catherine Hodges – Photographer, Terrence -photographer. G7Films, and Peter D’Arrigo.


Makeup Artist: Maggievanity, Janey, Vanessa Benoit, Amille, Zayla Farias, Shayla Roy, Zayla Monica


Hairstylist: Yomo Perez, Carmen Rivera from His and Hers, Janey and Emdira Hair Design.


Joan (Joan’s Hair Design & Beauty Supply) / Photographer: Tea S.
Ednita / Photographer: Catherine Hodges / Makeup by Maggie Vanity
Model: Darlenis / Michael Rose Photography / Hairstylist: Yomo Perez / MUA: Zayla Frias
Model: Felicia G / Photographer: Tea S. (G7 FILMS) Makeup Artist: Maggie Vanity / Hairstylist: Morgan Lanfear / Edited by Gwen McCormick
Model: Tracy Feserchneider / HMUA: Shayla Roy / Photographer: Catherine Hodges / Edited by Gwen McCormick
Model: Lauren Connolly /Hairstylist: Shayla Roy / MUA: Maggie Rivera / Photographer: Catherine Hodges / Edited by Gwen McCormick
Michael Rose Photography / Model: Belle R. / Hair: Carmen Rivera / MUA: Monique Bazile
Michael Rose Photography / Hair by Yomo Perez / MUA: Zayla Frias /Model: Darlenis
Michael Rose Photography / Hair by Yomo Perez / MUA: Zayla Farias /Model: Mari
Michael Rose Photography
Michael Rose Photography / Hair & MUA: Shayla Roy / Model: Tracy
Michael Rose Photography / MUA Vanessa Bendoit working on her model.
Michael Rose Photography / Hairstylist & Colorist Expert Carmen Rivera working on her new years Party look
Photographer: Catherine Hodges / The beautiful actress Patil Roupelian Wowing the guest with her new year party look
Makeup Artist & Hairstylist Vanessa Bendoit
MUA: Maggie Vanity / Hairstylist: Morgan Lanfear / Model Felicia G.
Model: Tracy Feserchneider / Photographer: Catherine Hodges / HMUA: Shayla Roy / Edited by Gwen McCormick
MUA: Monique Bazile from Sephora/ Hairstylist Carmen Rivera with their model Marilyn / Photographer: G7FILMS
Graduates from Empire beauty school Jacquelyn Dr Souza and Emdira / Photographer: Tea S. G7FILMS

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