You can now listen to Vaughka’s new songs ‘No Lie’ & ‘My Ambition’ on! (Click Here To Listen)

IH Vega – Vaughka has released two of his songs that are a part of the ‘Vaughka Series’ soundtrack. One of the songs is titled ‘No Lie’ and another song titled ‘My Ambition’ were shared on Internet Hollywood platforms but wasn’t publicly pushed due to the delay in the first episode of his audio book series that is now set to air at ‘Vaughka Springs’ on August 19th. Although ‘My Ambition’ has been taken down from Youtube, you could still stream the song on It is not known if there will be a music video for ‘Ambition’ at this time.

Internet Hollywood Vega – ‘No Lie’


Internet Hollywood Vega – ‘My Ambition’


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