You Have To Check Out J. Kristopher’s Hilarious Skit With Conan O’Brien And Mike Merritt!!

MLK DAYPrince Vega – One of the most respected actors in Internet Hollywood just recently appeared on Conan to do a hilarious set on Martin Luther King day. During the show Conan expressed his sentimental views on African Americans before being interrupted by the inner thoughts of J. Kristopher and Mike Merritt. The two joked about Conan’s stunt to appeal to blacks when he acts “very white” and even locks his door when he sees Wendy Williams, a black woman, on a billboard in his car when he passes by.  (Click Here To Watch)


J. Kristopher is a familiar name to most Internet Hollywood readers for multiple reasons. Back in 2014, he was the only actor inside of Internet Hollywood that landed on our Top 10 Male Headliners list. His dedication to acting has helped him become a leader in headlines with a total of 10 top stories that has made it on Internet Hollywood’s front page. Who could argue against the hard work he has put into building his resume that remains solid to this very day. He has the talent, mind, personality, and ambition to succeed beyond the walls that stand in the way of him going to the next level.


Many people should expect to hear Kristopher’s name repeatedly during Internet Hollywood Radio on February 9th. His commitment to achieving his dreams could easily be seen by simply researching the amount of work he has done in the past. He was also involved in the box office hit Straight Outta Compton where he played Lay Law.


Its easy to say that this is an actor that truly believes in himself enough to take on all the challenges to bring his career beyond where many has gone before. He has also helped Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega get through hard times in his personal life. Prince Vega has made it known that J. Kristopher is a special friend of his that he trust!

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