You won’t believe the kind of unreleased music Illnigma has in his music vault featuring multiple CT artists!

IH Radio /Musicians – Rap artist Illnigma just did something really classical in the underground music scene and the only people from Connecticut and neighboring states that’s tapped in to the communities will understand how classical the move he just made is. Since I’ve been following music from our home state of Connecticut for years I feel almost like a kid again to play some of the unreleased music he has held in his music vault for years that includes collaborations with other known artists from the state of Connecticut. This is definitely something that will be shared on Internet Hollywood Radio tonight (May 9th). Look out for the news story about it coming out about it soon. We will share the links to the songs in the story for people that haven’t heard it yet!
*You could tune in to the show by going on now. Just press play on the radio icon if it does not start up automatically.

Illnigma: YoutubeInstagram

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