Young Buck Ready for War with MMG: “IF 50 Say Get’Em, Ima Get’Em”

young buck

Prince Vega – As 50 cent and Meek Mill continues to exchange shots their rappers are waiting to do exactly the same. Platinum G-Unit artist Young Buck is letting the world know that he’s ready for war if 50 cent gives him the order. The Nashville, Tennessee artist used a threatening meme of 50 cent as Pimp Curly with a knife, caption reads: “I DON’T KNOW WHO SH*THEAD IS BUT IF 50 SAY GET EM, IMA GET EM”

Screen shot:

50 cent curly


The last time Young Buck fired shots at MMG was in a song called ‘Loco‘ where he subliminally threatened to spray a mac at Rick Ross’s Maybach. Check out the song by clicking the link below!

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