Young Gwop Celebrates “Winners” In New Music Video Featuring Thump & Leer Buc

young gwop thump and leer bucPrince Vega Young Gwop, Thump and Leer Buck has teamed with NE Video and released a new music video to a powerful new single that is now headlining in Internet Hollywood’s Mayhem MusiK column. The deep song possessed a soulful melodic sound that followed the flow of each lyricists that explored their world as winners. The powerful trio took us through memories that enters deep in our subconscious minds that relate to those who thrive through their painful experiences.


Before being publicly available the video was restricted because of the privacy settings set up by the publisher. After checking in with Thump he updated us on the Youtube release of the music video soon after it was published on the video-streaming website. I happen to find the song very inspirational and very open to those who could relate some of their experiences that they share in this music video.


young gwop thump and leerYoung Gwop has done a perfect job putting together this excellent collaboration that has grabbed my attention enough to share it with you. Rapper Thump is a familiar name who’s name has been mentioned in five Internet Hollywood articles in the past.  He currently has another video in the works with his rap group Pure Pro.


A previous Internet Hollywood articled highlighted how Pure Pro dominated the Connecticut music Back in 2010-2011. The past article also reminded targeted readers that Pure Pro was one of the leading rap group in Connecticut on our Mayhem MusiK charts with winning streak that lasted for months.


This article marks the first article published on talented Connecticut artists Young Gwop & Leer Buc. Click the link below to check out the new music video!

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