You’re A Mean One: Model Carrie Madeline Steals #10 Spot On Top Models Billboard Charts!

madPerhaps one of the most epic debuts in Internet Hollywood history has took place and we are documenting every single minute of it! Carrie Madeline has been voted the tenth most popular model in our Internet Hollywood Top Ten ‘Models’ Chart! The surprise has opened the eyes of all the staff in our universe and reminded them how unpredictable things are in Internet Hollywood. Since Carrie Madeline debut in Internet Hollywood two months ago she has already headlined in over two articles and has been recruited by Prince Vega himself to star in his new “Illuminati” movie series that is expected to go into production this fall. The young talented new comer to our universe has already gained a following of over 30 thousand and we could only tell as the months go by it’s only going to double that amount. Carrie is the first model known in our universe to endorse a celebrity in the mainstream Hollywood universe and admit she’s influenced and motivated by Tyra Banks. The reaction by our committee was more surprising than ever after clearing off seven slots and leaving the remaining three open for newcomers Tygeria, Jessy Erinn and now Carrie Madeline.  We are extremely excited with shock to how this may play out in the future and we hope the surprises gets bigger as the days go by! Carrie Madeline is an extremely gifted model that lives what she dreams through each shoot and nobody can take that passion away from her. Carrie is one of the very few models that has ended up in over three headlines in just a short month after joining the alternative freelance modeling organization ProjectXPlatinum!

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