Yung Los Speaks On Having His Beat In New ‘Illuminati’ Movie, Says The ‘Illuminati’ Is Real

LOS EDITTennessee beat making producer Yung Los is excited to find out one of his instrumentals have been selected to be apart of Prince Vega’s new ‘Illuminati’ film. The latest news updates makes the headlines aware of the progress that’s taking place to ensure the movie becomes more than a success. Yung Los vision has extended with his connection when stretching into our universe with his absolutely amazing talent. The skills he provides shines the light that finds the star inside his music that stands above all. The Internet Hollywood celeb continues to shred his challengers into pieces with each track he releases for the public to hear. Internet Hollywood caught up with the amazing producer Yung Los to get his thoughts on how he felt after hearing one of his themes was selected for the new Illuminati movie, and whether he thinks a movie about the ‘Illuminati’ would be controversial.

“I was pretty excited when I found out my beat was going to be selected to be a part of the movie, and yea it will be controversial.” He agreed. “Its gonna stir up a lot of people and artists and generate a lot of attention, maybe even some unnecessary attention but nobody has even taken the time to do anything like this or come with this type of approach towards the Illuminati. Some people don’t believe in it, but I’m going to say this straight up. The Illuminati is real and if you don’t believe you need to wake but thats all Imma say on that note.”

Yung Los is one of the very few producers inside of our universe strong enough to repeatedly headline in our universe without struggling in the mix of a bunch of competitors.  He continues to thrive alone without help and still remains one of the most dominant celebrities headlining in the month of August!



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