Zakariya Narowski is taking his girl to a Haunted Attraction for Halloween, discusses horror movies, haunted experiences, and more

Topic of the Week – Independent Connecticut model Zakariya Narowski is gearing up for the holidays and I couldn’t help but try to get the inside scoop on what some of his plans will be. I reached out to the model over FB messenger and asked if he would be interested in participating in our hot topic discussion and he said yes. I later sent him some of the hot topic questions and he kindly filled me in with everything I needed to know to do this story. Enjoy the interview!!


~*Interviews /w Zakariya Narowski*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Good afternoon Zakariya! Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. Thank you for joining in on our hot topic of the month. It’s been fun learning about everyone’s plans for Halloween. How have your plans been going? Are you planning on doing anything special for the holiday? (wearing a costume, etc)


Zakariyah: Hey Justin! My plans for Halloween are to take my girl to a Haunted Attraction. We haven’t found one yet but last year we really enjoyed Fright Haven in Stratford.


Internet Hollywood: What were some of your favorite horror movies to watch as a child and which horror movie and character terrified you the most during your childhood days?


Zakariyah: My favorite Horror movie growing up was Silent Hill and the Character that terrified me most was Pyramid Head.


Internet Hollywood: Are you planning on doing a Halloween shoot this year?


Zakariyah: As far as a Halloween shoot goes I’d love to but most of the photographers I work with are busy until next year. If I meet another I’d love to.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of your favorite treats and foods to eat around this time of year?


Zakariyah: I absolutely love rice crispy treats and baking pumpkin seeds around this time of the year.


Internet Hollywood: last question; Have you ever been through a haunted experience or experienced anything people would consider supernatural?


Zakariyah: As far as supernatural goes I’ve personally felt the presence of other beings throughout my life with no explanation to what they are. As some people call it paranoia in my religion we refer to it as a sixth sense.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Zakariyah! Have a Happy Halloween!


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